Why Epic

The EPIC Advantage

  • A small team with a strong lending network. We take the time to get to know you and your investment objectives, then tap into our lending network to provide access to multiple financing options.
  • Local market knowledge and singular focus on commercial real estate. Our extensive experience in the local commercial real estate market gives us the knowledge and credibility to negotiate the most favorable terms.
  • A long-term partnership. We help you find the RIGHT loan based on your objectives then oversee the transaction from beginning to end.

Q. Why should I use Epic Commercial for my financing needs?

A. Our big picture view goes beyond the transaction to help you maximize returns.

At Epic, we take a big picture view of financing for your commercial real estate investment. Financing isn’t just about the purchase transaction, it also directly affects your return. Most investors focus on the rate and on the costs when comparing loans but there are other aspects to consider when it comes to maximizing your return. What are your goals for the property? Are you holding long term or just repositioning it and selling in a year or two? At Epic we work to bring you the best rate and costs and then go beyond. We work with you to understand your needs and then present loans that are the best fit given your goals and objectives. Whether it is high leverage, low prepay or a low cost loan, we will deliver!

Q. What can Epic do for me that a direct lender cannot?A. We maintain strong relationships with a network of lenders so you get instant access to more loan options, ensuring the best fit for your investment objectives. 

The answer is in the question, “a direct lender”. Knowledge of and communicating with a lender or a small pool of lenders is just not enough anymore. Epic does business with a dozen or more lenders at any given time. There are so many lenders out there and they are constantly changing, entering or exiting the market. We know who the right lenders are at that moment and we are continually searching for new and evolving lenders. Business is all about relationships, not only with our clients but with our lenders as well. Our success is dependent on our relationships with these lenders and on providing personal value added service to our clients.

Q. How is the process different or better when I use Epic versus a direct lender?

A. Epic oversees, coordinates and runs interference when needed to insure you receive the RIGHT loan and the entire process is smooth from beginning to end.

  • Identify loan options. We are your personal investment consultant identifying available loan programs that fit your specific needs so you can achieve your investment goals for the property.
  • Coordinate the transaction. We are your personal loan coordinator/processor insuring that the process goes as smooth as possible. We facilitate the needs of the lender and assist in providing them with loan packages and follow up requests.
  • Coordination to close the deal. We are your personal loan closer insuring that lenders’ closing conditions are met and that all parties; borrowers, buyers, sellers, brokers, lenders, escrow and title are all working efficiently to finalize the transaction.
  • After closing service. We monitor the market and proactively recommend options as the market or your investment strategy and objectives evolve.